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My SME link page

Maybe did you read on others page on this web site that the pages you are reading are hosted on a small Linux box installed at home.

This server is using a specific distro, SME Server

I'll try to put here some small personal works, and also some useful link to be a happiness SME admin !

Locals links
English link About A small (!) explanation about my SME installation.
English link MX Backup How-to : Configuration steps to set up a MX Backup (The MX Backup temporary store your mails in the case that your primary SMTP-mail server is unavailable.) Tested on SME 5.0 to 6.0.1, but should work with most qmail implementations.
English link Backups on SME Some informations about the SME backups, and how to 'tune' the 'backup to desktop' mode.
English link Test Server on a production network How-to : Install a SME server in 'server and gateway' mode on a production network.
English link Uting the Apache web server as aReverse Proxy. How to use an Apache Web Server as a reverse proxy HTTP or HTTPS, allowing for example an Internet Access to an intranet web server.
English link Fetchmail : To retrieve mails from external mailboxes with SME 6.0 and newer. You will find on this page the new version of SMEServer-Fetchmail, totally compatible with SME 6.0 (and totally un-compatible with older versions !), and the companion HowTo.
French link Drivers VIA for SME up to 5.5 My SME box is working with a VIA EDEN 5000 mother board. Unfortunately, the driver shipped with SME 5.5 and older (based on a Redhat 2.2 kernel) don't work very well. And VIA don't furnish a pre-compiled 2.2 driver. Here you can find a 2.2 Linux driver with a how-to for the installation.
  direct access to download zone. Here you have a direct access to the few files you can download on this site.
Externals links
English link Mitel main site Mitel network corporation produced the SME distribution. This site is the commercial side...Since november 2003, Mitel has stopped any works on SME, and now, the official site is contribs.org
English link SME developer site This site is also owned by Mitel. It's more intended for SME developers or users. Even if Mitel stopped any work on SME, this link is still of great interrest, because of the numerous valuable informations it still contains.
English link French link Contribs.org This site is now the official site of the SME distribution. you'll find a lot of useful tips, how-to and contribs to boost your SME server. The site is new, stay tuned ;-). This site is a must-have for everybody wanting to extend SME, because it's a rendez-vous point for all developpers trougth the world. Some parts are in French, even a Forum.
French link Ixus.net Certainly one of the most dynamic french users group, even if the server is quite slow...
French link the newsgroup alt.e-smith.fr Maybe not as dynamic as it as been. Contributors stay at a high level, and don't hesitate to help, if you respect the newsgroup usage.
French link SME FR This site contains an amazing lot of works about SME. A (French) must have to begin with SME ! Especially , the French FAQ should be read at last once a week ;-)
Lien en français Free-Eos Free-eos is (to my knowledge) the first french child fork of SME (or more exactly e-smith at this time). The Goal of free-eos was to add numerous contribs to the excellent base furnished by SME. Free-eos not only does that, but furnish also a workstation companion CD, with a lot of useful stuff for the client on the SME network. Free-eos is still build on a SME 5.5 basis, so some of the new contrib for SME (at least mine !) don't work on free-eos. But the project is still living, so stay tuned.
Lien en français The SMERP project. This (very young - beginning march 2004) french project want to add all the stuff to SME to create the definitive SOHO 'killer' server. There a lot of very nice people in this project and this can become a 'must have' !

This is a (very small) beginning ! I'll will try to improve that ! More to follow !!!