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Hello !

You are now connected on the Schirrm's Studio hyper mega giga computer !
Not so many things to say for now...

Should you continue to read, you should notice that English is not very natural for me... I hope that you can understand !

My name is Pascal. I'm a little bit 'crazy' about computers and play often with...

I use at home a Linux micro-server build with a dedicated Linux distro : SME. More about that in the About page.

In fact, this website is almost dedicated to SME !

Don't hesitate to send me a message, speaking about the amazing design of this site, or whatever you want, as long as this is no spam ;-) (click on the bird...)

This website is now 'totally' written in HTML4 + CSS (sorry for the language !). What does it mean ? Short speaking, the display style and position are now stored in a 'stylesheet'. This should work better with current web browser (and probably worser with Netscape 4.x, sorry).
Before this rework, I generally did the layout with 'cascading table'.
To be totally honnest, there are still tables in my pages. I didn't find another way to create a Website compliant with IE, Mozilla, FireFox and Opera.

That said, it could be that with some configurations, the display is not very good. In that case, don't hesitate to tell me, i'll try do find a solution.